Student Life

We believe a student's education is greatly enriched through participation in extra-curricular activities and through supplemental programs that complement classroom work. Workshops and conferences, guest presenters, exchange programs and community involvement groups provide our students with a variety of additional learning opportunities outside of the traditional classroom structure.

Service Learning

Michaela Sterling - Emergency Clean-up Buckets


Senior Class Information

Read about Senior Class news and here.

Honor Societies

National Honor Society-George E. Lamb Chapter

The purpose of the National Honor Society (NHS) is to honor students who are outstanding in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.  Membership is an honor and privilege, not a right.  The motto of the society, “Noblesse Oblige” (nobility obligates), requires that members accept responsibility for maintaining high standards.  The Faculty is charged with maintaining the integrity of the NHS and the school.  A student must have been in attendance at Rochester School for at least one semester to be considered for membership to the NHS.  Membership will be open to qualified sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  The academic requirement is a cumulative grade point average of 3.30, 2 years of a foreign language, Algebra II and Geometry, and either Chemistry or Physics.  A student's course load will also be considered. 

Leadership, service, and character are significant criteria for admission.  To aid in the selection process, academically eligible students will be asked to give the Faculty a list of their activities regarding their leadership and service experience in the school and community.  All Rochester faculty will have the opportunity to comment on the proposed members prior to the Faculty vote.  Appeals of the Faculty decisions may be made to the Principal, then the Superintendent, and then the School Board.

Musical Events


Rochester/Whitcomb Exchange

District Chorus

All-State Music Festival

Guest Artists


Anti-Tobacco Programs

Gorilla Theater

Dialogue Nights

Quintown Partnership Programs

Wellness Activities

Field Trips - Rock Climbing, Bowling, Swimming, Skiing, Skateboarding

Fall Hike Day

Winter Fun Day

Resiliency Day

Cultural Trips


Costa Rica

Senior Class Trip - Montreal, Maine

Theater Shows - Chandler, Castleton, Spam-a-Lot, ...



Governor's Institutes

Peer Leadership Conferences

Student Council & Class Officer Leadership Training

Vermont Teen Leadership Program & Our Voices Exposed

Spelling Bee

I Love to Read

Annual Book Fair

Film Club


One Act Plays

Vermont Young Playwrights

Veteran's Day Assembly

BMOS Camp-In - Our fifth grade class participates in an overnight program at the Boston Museum of Science.