Staff and Department Listing


If you have a question or concern regarding your child, your child’s classroom, or his/her progress, please talk first with the teacher.  Should you have further questions, please bring your concerns to the attention of the Principal. 

To avoid having our email addresses discovered by Internet SPAMMERS, we have chosen not to post them on our web site.  However, all staff email addresses follow the same naming convention:  first initial followed by the full last name at 

Our Staff Listing


Mrs. Catherine Knight, Principal

Mrs. Meg Allen, MS/HS Admin. Asst.

Mrs. Lisa Blair, Elementary Admin. Asst., Bookkeeper 


Student Services

TBD, Nurse

Mrs. Linda Dean-Orr, Speech & Lang. Pathologist

Ms. Dea Kimball, Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Kelley Foy, Title I Coordinator


Athletic Department

Mrs. Terry Paquette, PE teacher - View Web Page

Mr. Jeff Mills, Athletic Director


K – Grade 8 Teachers

Ms. Amy Braun - Kindergarten - View Web Page

Jenna Plouffe, Grade 1 - View Web Page

Mrs. Lisa Cruikshank, Grade 3/4 - View Web Page

Mrs. Faye Severy, Grades 5 - View Web Page

Ms. Linda Gendreau, Grade 2 - View Web Page

Mrs. Kay Stringer, Grades 6, 7, 8, 4th Grade Math - View Web Page


English & Language Arts

Ms. Jen Snow - View Web Page


Social Studies

Mr. George Moltz


Math & Science

Mr. Chris Bretschneider - View Web Page

Mr. Shawn Lenihan

Ms. Kelly Stubbins - View Web Page


Foreign Languages

Mr. Josh Morse - Spanish


Special Education

Ms. Linda Shaw, Case Mgr. Grades 7-12

Ms. Shelley Vanderwende, Case Mgr. Grades Pre-K - 6

Para Educators:

Mrs. Mary-Ann Schulze

Mrs. Michele Schnabel

Ms. Elissa Kilingensmith
Ms. Priscella Desjardins
Ms. Jennifer Burch
Mr. Mike Walsh
Early Education/Pre-K

Ms. Lauren Skaskiw, (EEE) Early Essential Education



 Ms. Cynthia McPhetres - View Web Page



Ms. Holly Mugford


Industrial Arts

Mr. John "Cole" Mason


Library/Media Services

Ms. Jeannette Bair - Rochester Media Center

Ms. Becky Burgee - Rochester Media Center
EXCEL After School Program
Ms. Jennifer Mattrick , Site Coordinator


Cafeteria Services

Ms. Kristi Fuller

Ms. Julie Taylor


Maintenance & Housekeeping

Mr. Bob Steventon, Maintenance Director

Mr. Sam Eller, Custodian

Mr. Lenny Settlers, Custodian

Mr. John Potter

Jessie Potter
Windsor Northwest Supervisory Union -

Information Technology Department

Mr. Jon Gallo - Information Technology Systems Administrator
Mr. Mike Lambert - Information Technology Assistant